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Jewellery Services

Jewellery cleaning and inspection

Jewellery ServicesOver time, jewellery becomes dull due to day to day activities. Stones become dull due to dirt getting trapped within the setting preventing light from passing through the stone and everyday wear causes scratches on jewellery.

Cleaning involves:

If your jewellery is white gold we suggest it is rhodium plated for maximum effect. Having your jewellery inspected at the same time, ensures your jewellery is always in the best condition, which will help prolong the life of your beloved jewellery.

This should also prevent any costly repairs in the future, for example stone replacement which is often due to worn claws and settings.

Rhodium plating

Rhodium plating provides a brilliant white high shine to any piece of white gold jewellery. Over time rhodium plating wears off, leaving your jewellery looking dull and slightly off colour. Rhodium plating will restore your jewellery so it looks like new again.

The process involves:

Stone replacement

Whether you have lost a stone from your beloved jewellery, or a stone has become scuffed, cracked or chipped. We can find the perfect match to fit in with any remaining stones, or find just the right gem to replace the stone which was lost.

We can supply and set all precious and semi precious stones, so your jewellery is restored and whole again.

Jewellery remodelling

Stuck with what to do with the jewellery you don’t wear? Whether it is items you have inherited or you quite simply no longer like them, we have various solutions for you. And it may not be as costly as you think. We offer a free design consultation- in which we will help you find a new design that is perfect for you.


We provide insurance and probate valuations. Having an up to date valuation provides security and a peace of mind, should the worst is to happen. An insurance valuation includes, a full written description and photograph of the item to ensure maximum cover and your jewellery will also be cleaned and polished.

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