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Before & After ServicingAt MJ Luxury Watches and Fine Jewellery, we have our own specialised workshop and watch service centre, with the latest equipment. We take great pride in providing the highest standard of service and attention to detail. Your watch will be returned to you looking as new as the day it left the factory.

Services Available

Full Factory Refinish

If your watch has lost its sparkle, we offer a 72 hour refinishing service - your watch will be finished to a factory original or to your specific requests. This involves:

  1. Disassembly - The watch is fully disassembled, this involves removing the Movement; Bezel; Glass and Bracelet from the case.

  2. Polishing- The Case, Bezel, Bracelet and Buckle are each individually polished using a series of polishing techniques to provide a superb finish and achieving maximum scratch and dent removal. Matte and high polish finishes are applied to achieve a Factory original finish.

  3. Ultrasonic- The Case, Bezel, Bracelet and Buckle are submerged in an Ultrasonic cleaning tank, which applies high frequency sound waves to remove any remaining dirt and polish.

  4. Reassembly- The separate components are then reassembled, ensuring the watch is fully re-sealed and water resistant which is checked using a pressure tester. The watch is now finished and ready for collection.


Other Services We Offer:

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